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2/24/2017 3:50:00 PM Write a Letter to the Editor Write a letter to the Editor

High CSA Scores Predict High Driver Attrition, Vigillo’s Bryan Says

John Sommers II for TT

A carrier that doesn’t do well on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s tests of Compliance, Safety and Accountability is almost sure also to have high rates of driver attrition, according to Vigillo’s data analysis of its 2,000 customers.

“There appears to be a pretty strong correlation between the safety culture that exists at a motor carrier, which can be measured in CSA, and turnover rates,” Vigillo CEO Steve Bryan said Feb. 24 in a presentation at the Recruitment and Retention conference in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Vigillo divided its customers into 500 with high attrition and 500 with low attrition and eliminated the 1,000 in the middle from the data analysis. Next, the CSA scores of the top 500 and the bottom 500 were added to see if those figures corresponded to the attrition data. 

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“Does attrition impact CSA scores? That’s the fundamental question,” Bryan said.

CSA consists of seven categories: unsafe driving, hours of service violations, driver fitness (which Bryan said should be relabeled something like driver qualifications), vehicle maintenance (which primarily consists of brakes, lights and tires), use of controlled substances by drivers, hazmat violations, and crash indicators.

According to Vigillo’s data, carriers with high attrition also had 181% more hours-of-service violations than carriers with low attrition, 182% more controlled substance violations, 211% more concerning both unsafe driving and vehicle maintenance, 213% more in driver fitness, 224% more crash indicators and a whopping 640% more hazmat violations. However, Bryan said tank trucks weren’t responsible for most of those violations. The number was vastly skewed by trucks without tanks transporting such flammable items as hair spray.

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By David Elfin
Staff Reporter

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